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Erasmus+ Projekat Call: ERASMUS-YOUTH-2023-CB

Erasmus+ Projekat Call: ERASMUS-YOUTH-2023-CB (Capacity building in the field of youth) Proposal number: 101131496 Project acronym: EU RURALITeast. Lenght: 24 months. Nine partners from six countries. Budget: 300.000 EUR (SumArt part-Project Administrating, Mapping and identification processes: best practice & innovative business models, Capacity building strategy for re-designing workforces in rural areas, Implementation and development of innovative models for rural business areas and Living Lab concept creation   Communication activities and dissemination of project results, sustainability measures, 41.518 EUR). The RURALITeast project aims at creating Living Labs in the Eastern European Countries, targeting youth workers and/or would-be entrepreneurs operating in rural areas. The idea is to start a re-skilling process for youth workers and would-be entrepreneurs related to sustainable entrepreneurial and digital capacities in order to empower rural areas and preserve their peculiar values, the uniqueness of local territories and their related agrifood and crafts products and thus ensure their sustainability in line with the EU Green Deal. The RURALITeast Living Labs will conceive modular training sessions, thematic workshops and individual mentoring activities in order to respond to the specific needs of youth workers and would-be entrepreneurs in the most appropriate and targeted way.

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